Due to 200 million air cells per cubic inch, WECU Soundless TM offers extremely efficient sound reduction, while premium sound ratings are achieved with WECU Soundless+TM. The high compression ratio of our cork quality prevents cracking of ceramic tile as well as grout.


Due to its resiliency and high tensile strength, WECU provides stress crack protection from existing and future subfloor stress cracks.


WECU, available in rolls or sheets, is applied between the subfloor and finished flooring quickly and efficiently. No mixing, no mess, no costly ”down time” typical to trowelling methods, and no need for a backerboard under ceramic tile or marble to achieve sound reduction. Clearly an ”installers delight.”


For sound control, WECU’s low height requirements (max 1/2″) and light weight make it ideal for new buildings as well as remodeling older condos with newer sound rating requirements.


WECU’S fine reputation is based on the unique advantages mentioned above and LOW COST. The material itself is very inexpensive in comparison to other products used for the same purpose. The flooring can be installed directly on WECU shortly after WECU has been adhered to the subfloor. There is no added labor, material or down time – all of which equal big savings!


WECU was introduced as early as 1978 for applications under ceramic tiles and marble. In contrast to other products and many sound control methods available for similar applications, WECU has a proven flawless track record. Furthermore, its practical success is supported by grueling laboratory tests.

WECU cannot be compared with any other cork product on the market. It is manufactured using a special process providing the unique features which have secured over 100 million square feet of failure free installations. WECU is the only cork underlayment on the market which meets two essential requirements for use under ceramic tile or marble: A Compression Ratio sufficient to avert cracking of ceramic tile and grout and Resistance to Moisture which prevents deterioration.

A free, comprehensive WECU brochure is available upon request.

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