Floor Moldings Made-to-Order

WECORK offers a wide variety of 78″ long wood floor moldings (or “mouldings”) that are stained to match any of our cork floating floors. As moldings are made-to-order and ship from Tennessee, please allow 2-3 weeks lead time. The cost for shipping moldings via Fedex is as follows:

# of Moldings Total Shipping Cost

Molding Types & Applications

Floor moldings offer function and form between rooms, staircases, and spaces. This is especially true when floor heights and/or materials vary. Moldings create more visually appealing transitions and allow for expansion. They also conceal floors edges, improving the appearance and the safety of floors and stair

Molding Type Application

Floor Molding - Quarter Round
Quarter Round

Covers the gap between the baseboard trim and the flooring. See Quarter Round Molding Specs.

Floor Molding - Reducer

Aka “flush reducer.” Transitions from a thicker or higher floor down to a lower flooring surface, such as a cork floating floor leading into vinyl or laminate. Sits flush to the cork floating floor. See Reducer Molding Specs.

Floor Molding - Overlap Reducer
Overlap Reducer

This version of reducer allows for a greater height transition and accommodates more floor expansion. See Overlap Reducer Specs.

Floor Molding - Stairnose

Aka “flush stairnose.” Rounds the stair edge for a completed look and for the safety of the staircase. Sits flush to the stair. See Stairnose Molding Specs.

Floor Molding - Overlap Stairnose
Overlap Stairnose

This version of stairnose extends its rounded edge further out over the stair which it overlaps. See Overlap Stairnose Molding Specs.

Floor Molding - T-mold

Used as a decorative transition between rooms with floor surfaces of equal height. Also used to in doorways and over expansion joints in larger rooms spanning more than 30 ft. See T-mold Molding Specs.

Floor Molding - Threshold

Aka “baby threshold.” Similar to a reducer but with a rounded, square edge. Examples of usage are where a cork floating floor meets carpet, tile, a door, or a fireplace. See Threshold Molding Specs.

How to Order Moldings

All of the above molding options are included on the WE Cork price list. When placing your order, simply include your molding item #s and quantities as separate line items. Our team will provide specific tracking for your moldings, which as mentioned above, ship separately from flooring via FedEx.

For additional questions about moldings, Contact Us today.

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