For sound control and stress crack protection under ceramic tile, marble and hardwood floors.

WECU (pronounced “we see you”) is our economical and effective cork underlayment. We are proud of its flawless track record since its introduction in Florida in 1978 where tens of millions of square feet of WECU cork underlayment have been installed. A special preservative has been incorporated into the cork and binder mixture making WECU impenetrable to moisture. The density this process creates provides both effective sound control as well as stress crack protection. It is by far the most reliable cork underlayment on the market.

WECU is the economic and effective solution for sound control and stress crack prevention under ceramic tiles and hardwood floors.


WECU Soundless

Meets typical building codes for sound control for buildings with a suspended ceiling under ceramic tile, and non suspended ceilings under hardwood and laminate. 6mm/1/4″ thickness.

WECU Soundless+

Meets typical building codes for wood joist structures with or without suspended ceiling and provides superior sound control for concrete substrates with or without a suspended ceiling. 1/2″ thickness.

WECU Silently+

A two in one product, which offers both sound control as well as a vapor barrier under floating floors. Silently+ is a low profile, easy to install rubber cork product with superior and economical sound control. 2mm thickness.

WECU Crackless+

Provides superior isolation of ceramic tile, marble and stone from existing and future stress cracks.

After its introduction in the fall of 2001, Crackless+ has been gaining increasing popularity due to the following attributes:
High Density Resilience derived from the combination of rubber and cork, Crackless+ offers protection from stress cracks created from settling of new construction or structural movement in existing buildings.

Ease of Installation is assured by Crackless+’s small and very portable roll size, and the use of typical tile setting materials. No mixing, no waiting, no mess – an installers delight.

Low Profile is guaranteed by Crackless+’s uniform 3/64″ thickness, which will give protection over just existing cracks or offer valuable insurance for the entire floor.

Economical due to the attributes mentioned above, and its low cost, Crackless + offers unparalleled protection with minimal investment of time and money.

WECU Silently-LVT

2mm Rubber and Cork underlayment for LVT and Linoleum floor covering.

  • Offers superior in room as well as floor to ceiling sound control with minimum thickness.
  • Thermal insulation from cold subfloors.
  • Resilience and comfort to LVT and Linoleum flooring.
  • 100% recycled content.
  • Resistant to mold and mildew.

Warm & Quiet

Warm&Quiet (3mm): Underlayment for laminate and engineered wood floors
Its closed cellular structure makes for an excellent answer for footsteps that cause loud resonance within the room and the cause of the highest complaints for laminate flooring. “It makes a fake floor sound real”

Unlike foam products that are on the market, this product will not compress and lose its efficacy over time.

Warm&Quiet also adds thermal insulation, taking the edge off on and below grade floors. Reduces energy costs in cold months.

Warm&Quiet has significant insulation value for transmission sound from the floor to the room below. It has a Delta IIC 25, which is tested in an Independent Lab and shows the improvement of Warm&Quiet on a 6” slab, non-suspended ceiling.

Warm&Quiet+ (6mm): Underlayment for laminate and engineered wood floors
Warm&Quiet+ has all the above attributes plus:
Higher thermal insulation value, equals more energy savings.
Higher sound control rating for wood engineered and laminate floors.

The following represents a sampling of projects WE Cork underlayment have been incorporated in

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