Why We Love Cork

The first thing you’ll learn about us is that we love cork! That’s because of its unique natural properties that we and our environment can benefit from. At a high level, cork is sustainable, healthy, acoustic, insulating, and comfortable. WECORK loves utilizing this naturally wonderful material in products, and we hope you’ll come to love it too – not only for its natural beauty but also for it’s natural benefits!

We’re passionate about cork because it’s good for people and the planet.

Our job here at WECORK is to offer you the best in high-quality cork flooring, underlayment, wall coverings, and accessories. We want our homeowners to enjoy the experience of having cork in their homes. WECORK also wants to empower our commercial partners – flooring dealers, builders, Architects & Designers, and others – to offer these same benefits of cork in their local communities and to their broad portfolio of clients.

About WECORK - cork is healthy and natural for families
About WECORK - we love cork Trees

We want you to feel like family by providing you with excellent, friendly service.

WECORK Is about Family!

The Wicander cork legacy began in Sweden in 1868. My Swedish father, Hjalmar “Lalle” Wicander, was fourth generation in cork. After working for his family’s business, he moved his young family across the Atlantic in 1975. There he founded what would eventually become WECORK in Exeter, New Hampshire (read WECORK backstory). Our headquarters are still there today, but our ever-increasing network of distributors and dealers has expanded nationwide and into Canada over the decades.

WECORK remains a family run business. We are proud to continue our legacy, representing the fifth generation in cork. When we have the privilege of serving you, we hope make you feel like you’re at home with us.

On behalf of WECORK, I would like to personally welcome you to our family, and to sharing our passion for cork!

Tina Wicander Crossland
WECORK President & Owner