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Cork tile flooring has been used for many decades, in busy homes as well as high traffic locations like the Library of Congress and Sierra Nevada Brewing. This article explains the unbeatable value of cork tiles, and discusses both the commercial and residential applications for our Classic Collection of glue-down cork tiles. Advantages of Cork […]

Naturally wonderful, cork material is used not only for wine stoppers and boards, but also for the construction of buildings and interior design. This article provides an overview of cork sustainability and cork’s unique natural properties. It also explains how cork is the perfect material for sustainable design, both inside and out! Cork Sustainability One […]

Cork has many natural advantages as a flooring material. Even so, an ingenious new twist on an existing technology is taking engineered cork flooring to another level. This article explains what to expect from this innovative cork flooring, and how it’s designed to handle the most demanding residential and commercial applications. The Serenity Collection Backstory […]

Hardwood flooring is often selected for reasons such as natural beauty and durability. But what if you could have the look of hardwood, in a commercially durable flooring that has all the natural benefits of cork? This article highlights how our Serenity Collection makes this possible! Best of Both: Cork Floors with Hardwood Look Serenity […]

Cork flooring provides many natural benefits, but how does it compare to carpet? This article explains the similarities and differences of cork vs carpet, and the value they each provide. What Is Typical Carpet? The comparison with carpets is mostly a comparison with synthetic carpet. In their article on Natural vs. Synthetic Carpet Fibers Compared, […]

These are exciting times at WECORK, and we have some fantastic news to share! This article introduces the new WECORK Owner & President, and provides the backstory of the continued family legacy, and offers a look into the future of the company. New WECORK Owner Continues Family Tradition WECORK is thrilled to announce today our […]

Cork floating floors come in both plank and tile format. Floating tiles serve as an excellent alternative when glue-down tiles are neither practical nor preferred for an install. Cork tiles with natural cork and stone visuals are available with our Uniclic floating system, making for easy installation. This article reviews the floating cork tile patterns […]

Our water-resistant Corkoleum cork rolls are primarily installed as flooring, but they can also be used in other creative ways. This article explores the versatility of Corkoleum for commercial and residential use, and features pictures from various installations. Cork Rolls for Residential Flooring Traditional home applications of Corkoleum cork rolls include living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, […]

Humidity has minimal impact on cork flooring, provided that some basic principles are understood and accounted for. This article explains the nature of cork, and offers important installation guidelines to prevent issues related to humidity. Cork handles humidity better than hardwood All organic materials expand and contract when humidity changes. Non-organic materials like ceramic tiles […]

WECORK’s industry-leading WECU cork underlayment portfolio has expanded over time to include products tailored for specific scenarios. Having options is good, but selecting can be a little tricky. This article compares underlayments, and helps clarify how to choose the best cork underlayment for each application. About WECORK Cork Underlayment (WECU) WECU (pronounced “we see you”) […]

The WECORK portfolio of glue-down and floating floors consists of dozens of colors across various collections. Although style is a major decision factor, practical considerations are also key. This article provides the information needed to choose the best cork flooring for each room or location. Flooring Collections and Design Styles Choosing the best cork flooring […]

Cork floors bring comfort, warmth, quiet, wellness, and natural beauty into commercial buildings and homes alike. But like anything worth preserving, cork also requires a little TLC for optimal performance and longevity. This article explains how to maintain cork flooring, and get the most out of your investment. Basic Maintenance of Cork Flooring Prior to […]

Cork flooring is known for being soft and comfortable, and for a number of other natural benefits. But is the coloring of cork flooring fade resistant? This article addresses the question of fade, and highlights an innovative solution. Sunlight Exposure and Color Fade Interior rooms are essentially free from sun exposure. However, when cork flooring […]