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Posted on April 21, 2023

Cork Flooring with Hardwood Look

Hardwood flooring is often selected for reasons such as natural beauty and durability. But what if you could have the look of hardwood, in a commercially durable flooring that has all the natural benefits of cork? This article highlights how our Serenity Collection makes this possible!

Best of Both: Cork Floors with Hardwood Look

Serenity is our unique collection of floating floor planks, featuring hardwood visuals printed on a cork substrate. A high definition digital print process produces a flooring product that delivers both classic look of hardwood with the resiliency and comfort of cork.

Our patented hot coating gives Serenity the highest possible durability – an AC5 rating for full commercial installation.

Key Benefits of Cork vs Hardwood Floors

Compared to hardwood, cork offers superior benefits in terms of being:

  1. Quiet & Acoustic
  2. Warm & Insulating
  3. Soft & Comfortable
  4. Environmentally Friendly
  5. Hypoallergenic & Anti-Fungal

Cork’s Suberin & Air Cells

The two main factors responsible for the benefits listed above are cork’s naturally occurring suberin and cellular structure.

Fist of all, cork comes from the bark of the cork oak tree. The tree is unharmed when the bark is carefully harvested, but it coats itself with suberin (a sappy substance) to protect against mold, mildew and insects. This suberin grows into the cork and generates unsurpassed natural anti-fungal and hypoallergenic properties. This makes cork flooring beneficial for anyone sensitive to mold and mildew or has allergies.

Another natural wonder with cork are its 200 million enclosed air cells per cubic inch! All these air cells make it thermal and sound insulator, as well as acoustic. They also make cork resilient, warm and comfortable underfoot.

Learn more about these benefits plus cork’s unique physical properties on our Why Cork? page.

Featured Hardwood Patterns

The wide variety of hardwood patterns that Serenity offers are all visible on our Serenity Collection page. Here we feature just a few of of our most popular options:

French Autumn Oak - Room Scene - Hardwood Look

French Autumn Oak – Cork Flooring Planks with Hardwood Visuals

Serenity - Sunset Acacia - Room Scene

Sunset Acacia – Cork Flooring Planks with Hardwood Visuals

Sunrise Oak - Room Scene - Hardwood Look

Sunrise Oak – Cork Flooring Planks with Hardwood Visuals

Cork Tiles with Stone Visuals

A couple exceptions to the rule in the Serenity Collection are our two floating cork tiles that feature stone visuals. Similar in concept to the hardwood flooring patterns, these options allow those who prefer stone visuals to take advantage of the warmth, softness, and other advantages of cork listed above:

Serenity - Sandstorm - Room Scene

Sandstorm – Cork Flooring Tiles with Stone Visuals

Interested in Serenity Samples?

All of our beautiful Serenity Collection patterns are available for sampling, whether those with hardwood flooring visuals or stone. Visit our quick and easy to use sample store today, and get your hands on your favorites!