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Posted on December 6, 2022

Cork Flooring Rolls - Corkoleum

Our water-resistant Corkoleum cork rolls are primarily installed as flooring, but they can also be used in other creative ways. This article explores the versatility of Corkoleum for commercial and residential use, and features pictures from various installations.

Cork Rolls for Residential Flooring

Traditional home applications of Corkoleum cork rolls include living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and studies. Here, Corkoleum provides softness, comfortability, and warmth.

Corkoleum Cork Rolls - Floor - Apartment
Pear, Living Room
Corkoleum Cork Rolls - Floor - Home
Lemon, Living Room

Cork Rolls for Commercial Flooring

Standard commercial applications of Corkoleum cork rolls include libraries, physiotherapy rooms, fitness centers, and multi-family buildings. Cork’s thermal and sound insulation are key benefits here, as well as its eco-friendliness and sustainability.

Corkoleum Cork Rolls - Floor - Office
Pear, Office
Corkoleum Cork Rolls - Floor - Lounge
Grit, Lounge

Roll Cork Down Staircases

In addition to typical flat floor surfaces, Corkoleum is great for use on stairs. Its flexibility and ease of installation are welcome advantages here.

Corkoleum - Cork Roll - Stairs
Grit, Staircase
Corkoleum Pear - Cork Roll - Stairs
Pear, Staircase

Cork for Fitness Centers & Home Gyms 

A specific installation where Corkoleum excels is the gym. Whether at the local fitness fitness centers or the home gym, cork’s hypoallergenic and anti-fungal properties contribute to a clean and healthy environment. Corkoleum cork rolls also provide support and cushion for moving weights and active exercise on the floor.

Corkoleum - Cork Rolls - Gym - Floor
Pear, Gym Floor
Corkoleum - Cork Rolls - Gym - Floor
Pear, Gym Floor

Roll Cork Up Walls & Dividers

Why be limited to horizontal when you can also go vertical?! Corkoleum’s light weight and ease make installing rolls on walls and dividers another great design option.

Corkoleum Pear - Cork Roll - Wall
Pear, Wall
Corkoleum Pear - Cork Roll - Divider
Pear, Divider

Cork on Countertops

Yet another application for Corkoleum is on the countertop. Whether adding a unique style to a bar top at a local brewery, or adding character to the kitchen at home, Corkoleum’s naturally beautiful patterns get the job done!

Corkoleum Lemon - Cork Roll - Countertop
Lemon, Countertop
Corkoleum Lemon - Cork Roll - Countertop
Lemon, Countertop

There are even more possibilities with Corkoleum, such as custom flooring or walls for RVs, buses, boats, airplanes and private jets. Whatever the creative application, Corkoleum’s versatility make’s it possible.

New Corkoleum Options

Corkoleum options have expanded to these six patterns shown below:

Corkoleum - Grit - Swatch
Corkoleum - Lemon - Swatch
Corkoleum - Pear - Swatch
Corkoleum - Apple - Swatch
Apple – Limited Edition
Corkoleum - Fig - Swatch
Fig – Limited Edition
Corkoleum - Lime - Swatch
Lime – Limited Edition

Samples and full rolls for each pattern are currently available online, but some patterns are for a limited time only, as noted. Find your perfect Corkoleum pattern today!