See below a sampling of WE Cork products put to use.

See also our lists of WE Cork Flooring Projects and WE Cork Underlayment Projects

Cork Wall Covering, White Brick - Home Theater
Avant Garde: Sable Gibraltar - Living Room
Cork Wall Covering - Bark
Avant Garde: Zurich - EntryDesign: www.impactdesigninc.comPhotography: www.peterfigen.com
Avant Garde: Sardinia - Bedroom
Avant Garde - Canyon - Office Kitchen Space
Avant Garde: Porto - Main Vertical Design: www.impactdesigninc.com Photography: www.peterfigen.com"
Avant Garde: Classic - Hotel Bistro
Avant Garde: Olive - Barcelona
Avant Garde: Tokonoma - Zurich Design: www.impactdesigninc.com Photography: www.peterfigen.com
Avant Garde: Madrid - Living Room
Warm Travertine - Bedroom
Avant Garde: Saddle Monte Carlo and Classic White - Restaurant
Avant Garde: Moss Tuscany - Living Room
Sunset Acacia - Kitchen
Hearth Slate - Office
French Autumn Oak - Bedroom
Aged Barnboard - Kitchen
Cork Wall Covering - Bark
Late Winter Drift - Closet
Sunset Acacia - Dining Room
Late Winter Drift - Living Room
WE Cork Flooring Timeless Collection
Cork Flooring Installation NH
Bourbon Road - Bedroom
Classic Collection Medium Shade Tiles - Museum
American Quilt
Classic Collection Medium Shade Tile - Museum (1)
Classic Collection Medium Shade Tiles - Kitchen checkerboard
Classic Collection Dark Shade and Leopard Tile - Restaurant
Classic Collection light shade with Greenshield tile - school gymcafeteria
Classic Collection Light shade and Medium shade with Greenshield Planks - Library
Bourbon Road - Bedroom
Classic Collection Dark Shade and Leopard Tile - Restaurant (2)
Aged Barnbeam - Cafe
Medium Shade With Greenshield - Saratoga Springs, NY
Timeless: Baroque Sienna - Kitchen

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