Expansion Joints

This is a special quality composition cork which is weather resistant and easy to compress – 150 Ibs per sq. in. giving 50% compression. It provides a perfect sealant between concrete sections (see below) which expand and contract under different weather conditions. Besides its ability to seal, cork has an additional advantage over other materials in not bulging when three of its four sides are compressed. This prevents a bumpy car ride on roads made of concrete blocks. Furthermore, expansion joints sealed by our cork do not require constant maintenance as dirt, stones and other foreign materials cannot enter to damage the joints.

½” x 24” x 36” sheets – 24 sheets per box
¾” x 24” x 36” sheets – 16 sheets per box

FEDERAL SPECIFICATION: HH – F – 341e Type 11B ASTM D 1752 Type ll.

RECOMMENDED FOR: For expansion with hard surface flooring, concrete constructions of roads, bridges, dams, tunnels and airports etc.

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