Wall Coverings

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WE Cork Wall Coverings are a unique and beautiful way to transform any room! Our Bark and Brick patterns offer stunning decor with unique, natural and rustic visuals. This beautiful and sustainable cork material is harvested every nine years in the Mediterranean, where the bark regrows over the 200+ year life of the tree.

Similar to cork flooring, our wall coverings provide all of the benefits of cork. It naturally resists and repels mold and mildew, and its cellular nature keeps allergens to a minimum. Cork wall coverings also act as an insulator against temperature and sound.

Cork Wall Covering - Bark
Cork Wall Covering, White Brick - Home Theater

Order Samples or Full Sheets in our new online store! Our Bark pattern cork wall coverings transform any room to a cozy retreat or sanctuary, with its warm and natural tones and textures! In addition to providing thermal and sound insulation, our cork wall coverings have the same health and sustainability benefits as our cork flooring. […]

Our Brick pattern cork wall coverings add character and comfort, with a range of light to dark colors to compliment your setting! As with our flooring, our cork wall coverings provide thermal and sound insulation, plus additional health and environmental benefits.

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