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Architects & Designers Use Cork for its From and Function

Architects and Designers using cork

Architects & Designers use cork as a sustainable, environmentally friendly material with beautiful, rich colors and textures. The practical benefits of cork are numerous, and its natural properties are truly impressive. All of our products are California CARB 3 compliant for volatile organic compounds (VOCs). We also meet all GreenGuard minimums for off-gassing. Our natural resin urethane binders and water based finishes ensure a green, optimally performing, healthy environment.

Our floating cork floors (see examples below) also feature a high density fiberboard (HDF) center core of Eucalyptus (another green and rapidly regenerating product) to enable our industry-preferred Uniclick locking system.

Proven Durability of WECORK Flooring

WECORK products have been used for commercial flooring projects including hospitals, universities libraries, art galleries, hotels/inns, and restaurants to name a few. Incredibly durable, cork flooring is still performing in commercial applications installed many decades ago.

Some notable examples of withstanding the the test of time include:

  • Dayton Art Institute
    Installed all the way back in the 1930’s, this is still in use today. Over 1 million visitors have walked on this floor!
  • Mayo Clinic
    In the 1970’s, world-famous Mayo Clinic in Minnesota installed nearly 70,000 sq. ft. or our cork flooring in their extension! What better endorsement could a product receive?! 

Most of our glue-down and floating floor collections come protected by Greenshield aluminum oxide. They have excellent wear resistance, and carry a 5 year commercial / 20 year residential wear layer warranty. But as demonstrated in the examples above, our cork floors can last decades longer even in commercial settings.

The exception is our Serenity Collection, and it is truly exceptional! It combines cork flooring with a high definition, 3-pass, digital print technology that reproduces the essence of wood or tile on a cork substrate. Our patented hot coating finish gives it an oil-like, satin luster with the highest possible durability. As a result, the Serenity Collection carries an increased 10 year commercial / 25 year residential wear layer warranty.

Endless Design Possibilities with Cork

The use of cork flooring by Architects and Designers is limited only by the imagination! Our cork flooring portfolio of commercial and residential applications show a wide variety of usage. In addition to adding beauty and character to rooms, some of the practical ways Architects & Designers can utilize WECORK products include in:

  • Office Spaces – for comfort and sound control, creating a sense of space
  • Multi-dwelling Units – for insulation and reduction of sound transfer between units.
  • Restaurants and bars– for adding sound control, and cleanliness
  • Concert Venues and Churches – for acoustics and comfort
  • Libraries – for sound control
  • Virtually every room of the home! See our homeowners page for more.

When considering the possibilities, one innovative flooring option you surely don’t want to miss is our easy-to-install, glue down rolls of waterproof Corkoleum!

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Specifying WECORK Underlayment

WECORK’s underlayment solution, named “WECU” (wee see you), offers economic and effective solution for sound control and stress crack prevention under ceramic tiles and hardwood floors. Our Soundless+ is the highest density underlayment on the market.

It’s important to note here that not all cork underlayment is the same. Cork tree quality differs, and not all cork products are created equally. WECORK’s WECU uses 100% Mediterranean cork granules and high quality, non-toxic binders. This is not true for generic imitations. When specifying WECORK underlayment, Architects & Designers can have full confidence knowing that our WECU products will meet and exceed building requirements, and deliver on performance.

The convenience of WECORK underlayment is that it allows Architects and Designers to reap the benefits of cork’s physical properties when the flooring is made of another material. A sampling of WECORK commercial underlayment projects include hotels, condominiums, and other properties.

Applications for Cork Wall Coverings

As an added bonus, our bark and brick cork wall coverings offer a simple way to transform any room into a cozy retreat or a warm sanctuary. Cork wall coverings and character to a room, and they also improve sound control and acoustics. This is especially practical for home theaters or media rooms.

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