WE Cork is the smart and beautiful choice for the family and the environment.

Wellness and Warmth of Cork

WE Cork products stand out for their beautiful colors and textures, but they offer so much more. There is no other flooring on earth that provides the unique health and environmental benefits of cork

Naturally insulating, cork is both warm and comfortable to walk on. Its 200 million+ enclosed air cells per cubic inch make walking on cork flooring quite literally like walking on air! Cork also improves energy efficiency and reducing energy bills. It also adds peace and quiet to the home by reducing sound transfer between rooms – especially helpful for multi-story residences. Cork is a great way to muffle the sound of children playing in a room above, or reduce the echo found with “other” hard surface floors in a media room.

In addition, cork is also hypo-allergenic, and resists mold, mildew, and insects. Plus, having no plastics also means no off-gassing! 

Adding WE Cork to Your Home

Whether you’re renovating, adding a new room, or building a new home, WE Cork flooring provides endless opportunities. Although our cork flooring works well in all rooms of the home, it’s particularly well-suited for certain applications such as:

  • Home Gym – for comfort and hygiene
  • Home Theater / Studio – for acoustics and sound control (see also cork wall coverings)
  • Playroom – for warmth, sound control and cleanliness
  • Kitchen – for comfort, when standing for extended periods
  • Basement – for warmth, preventing cold transfer from sub-floors such as cement

Homeowners with other types of flooring such as hardwood, ceramic, and LVT, can also take advantage of cork’s physical properties. Used beneath the flooring, WE Cork underlayment provides benefits such as sound control, insulation, and crack protection.

Ready to get started? Order your cork flooring samples today, or use our store locator to find a cork flooring dealer near you!

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