Cork’s many transformations have paralleled civilization’s progress. From wine stoppers in ancient Rome to anti-vibration joints in a space shuttle’s boosters, cork’s distinctive attributes have added to the quality of our lives.

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Cork is an all natural product derived from the bark of the cork tree. In these days of increased concern for the environment, cork remains the only tree whose bark can regenerate itself after harvest, leaving the tree unharmed. Cork is a variety of oak tree which regrows its bark every 9 years. This results in an all natural, environmentally responsible product with exceptional physical properties.

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When using WE Cork Tiles or WE Cork Planks, the design possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

WE Cork brings you the next generation in fine cork flooring: A timeless look… An enduring value… And now the natural beauty of cork is even easier to install.

For sound control and stress crack protection under ceramic tile, marble and hardwood floors.

Composition cork is the most versatile form of cork. It is produced by binding together smaller cork granules with the use of an adhesive binder, Glue, gelatin, phenolic or synthetic resins, can be used depending on the use of the final product.

This is a special quality composition cork which is weather resistant and easy to compress – 150 Ibs per sq. in. giving 50% compression.

Corkboard was invented in 1892 mainly for the purpose of insulating cold storage areas in buildings and other locations requiring efficient insulation.

Natural cork stoppers used to prevent liquids from leaking out or evaporating, are cut across the pores of the cork bark strip.

Cork has become a very popular product for the manufacture of gift and utility goods such as: ice buckets, blocks for carving decoys, hot pads, table mats, coasters, and much more.

Cork fashion accessories are unique and stylish with all the benefits of cork.

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