WE Cork Legacy Continues with New President & Owner | Blog

Posted on January 25, 2023

Tina Wicander Crossland

These are exciting times at WE Cork, and we have some fantastic news to share! This article introduces our new President & Owner, provides the backstory of the continued family legacy, and offers a look into the future of the company.

The Family Legacy Continues

WE Cork is thrilled to announce today our new Owner & President, Mrs. Tina (Wicander) Crossland!

Previously the National Sales Manager for WE Cork, Tina (pictured above) has worked alongside her sister, Ann Wicander, since 2020. Prior to joining WE Cork, Mrs. Crossland excelled in her career of over two decades in the hospitality industry, representing brands such as Marriott and Hilton while achieving recognition for her leadership, sales and marketing success.

“My passion for cork, combined with my previous hospitality career, inspires me to lead the best cork company in North America.”

Tina (Wicander) Crossland

Mrs. Crossland shared, “My passion for cork, combined with my previous hospitality career, inspires me to lead the best cork company in North America. I want to thank my former colleagues and employers and especially my sister, Ann Wicander, for helping me to be ready for this new venture as President and Owner of WE Cork. Ann successfully led WE Cork for nearly 25 years. For those who know her, these are big shoes I am filling!”

The WE Cork Back Story

The January 2nd, 2023 purchase of WE Cork by Mrs. Crossland not only continues the WE Cork legacy, but also the five-generation legacy of the Wicander family in the cork industry since 1868. (For more Wicander and cork industry history watch the 2016 interview with Ann Wicander at Greenbuild in Los Angeles.)

WE Cork founder, Hjalmar “Lalle” Wicander, grew up in Sweden. There he entered his family’s business, got married, and started a family. When the 60s rolled around, he moved his young family to Switzerland to head the Swiss branch of the family business. In 1975, he made the pivotal decision to establish his own cork business, which he initially called “Wicander Enterprises.” Shortly after, he relocated his family from Switzerland to Exeter, New Hampshire, which became headquarters for his new company.

Ann Wicander

Ann Wicander

Lalle Wicander

Lalle Wicander

“When our father, ‘Lalle’ Wicander, started WE Cork in 1975, he was the fourth generation in cork,” said Ann Wicander, former President of WE Cork from 1998 – 2022. “I was fortunate enough to work with him for over a decade before he passed in 2001. I built on his legacy for nearly 25 years, and now I am excited to see my sister, Tina, carry the mantle of WE Cork and our family tradition into the future.”

Looking to the Future of WE Cork

Reflecting on the future of the company, Mrs. Crossland painted her optimistic picture for WE Cork as she takes the helm: “2022 was a year of growth, and we project this to accelerate into 2023. In addition to developing new support staff, we’re also improving our technology, processes, and marketing. We are so excited to see our network of flooring dealers that display our products rapidly expand across the U.S., and we see ample dealer and distribution opportunities in other parts of North America as well. We continue to draw steady interest from architects and designers, as well as DIYers that are learning about the amazing properties of cork. We have a lot of work to do, but the picture’s looking good!”

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