As cork has a natural charm, provides insulation against heat, cold and sound, has a good resistance to damage caused by liquids and gases, and is extremely easy to work with.

Cork has become a very popular product for the manufacture of gift and utility goods such as: ice buckets, blocks for carving decoys, hot pads, table mats, coasters, trays, boxes for cigarettes and cards, flower planters, holders for pencils and candles, lamp shades, hand carved pictures, cork stoppers, bobbers and floats for fishing, handles for fishing rods, buoys, life preservers, floats for carburetors and gasoline/oil level gauges, musical instruments, laboratory rings, sound proofing and non skid pads, cots for the textile industry and innumerable additional items.

The following giftware items shown below are now available through WE Cork, Inc.

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Cork Baskets

Our cork baskets are made with virgin cork bark. They are the perfect size for holding candies, flowers, or anything else you decide! Comes complete with handcrafted wooden handle.

Dimensions: 13″ L, 5″ H, 11 1/2″ W (these dimensions may vary slightly)

Cork Table Mats

Our solid cork mats are available in different shades and styles. The versatility will provide an endless option of uses. Some uses are for centerpiece mats and place settings.

Dimensions: 20″ L, 15″ W, 1/4″ H

Ice Buckets

Our ice buckets are not just decorative, beautiful and unique, but will make your ice last the night. Comes complete with a convenient metal carrying handle.

Large – 9″ W x 11″ H
Small – 7″ W x 6″ H

Cork Trays

Our cork trays are available in a variety of natural shades and designs to match any décor. Perfect for parties or breakfast in bed!

Dimensions: 18″ L, 12″ W, 1 1/2″ H.

Cork Planters

Virgin cork planters bring out the natural beauty of any floral arrangement. Add one to our cork tablemats and you have an instant centerpiece that is perfect for formal or casual dining.

Large: 12″ H, 7 1/2″ W
Medium: 7″ H, 8 1/2″ W
Small: 6″ H, 7 1/2″ W

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