Composition Cork

Composition cork is the most versatile form of cork.

It is produced by binding together smaller cork granules with the use of an adhesive binder, Glue, gelatin, phenolic or synthetic resins, can be used depending on the use of the final product. The mixture of cork and binder is poured into a mold, compressed and subsequently “baked” in an oven. Most manufacturers make different qualities of composition cork. The quality and sizes of the granules, the type and quantity of the binder and finally the compression of the mix (density) determines the quality.

DIMENSIONS: 4’x 100’ Rolls

THICKNESS: 6mm (nominal ¼”)

USES: Gaskets washers, discs, bulletin boards, inner soles for shoes, polishing wheels, balls, fishing rod handles stoppers, insulating and sound proofing underlayment, cots for the textile industry and hundreds of interesting gift items

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